Welcome to the herd.


About us

.Our community is first and foremost what we are all about.


Rein Club is a deflationary NFT collection of 333 algorithmically generated reindeer. Each individual reindeer is as unique as its holder. We aim to provide value to our community and to champion and encourage those around us to make a difference for the global good.

We are driven to make the world a better place.


We are a collective of thinkers, dreamers, creators and innovators. We strive to leave our mark, to make an impact on the world and those around us. We want to show the world what NFTs can do. What they stand for, and what they can accomplish.




Our royalties are set at 33% This may seem like a lot at first glance, but this serves two very important purposes. One, this will provide continual funds to help bootstrap initiatives and projects voted on by and for the community. Two, to dissuade those looking to make a quick buck and mint only to flip for profit. 


20% of the royalties are sent to the "Climate Change" wallet which will enact "Global Warming" on a periodic basis. "Global Warming" is a process in which the floor priced reindeer are swept up and burned, thereby decreasing the overall membership into the Rein Club and increasing the floor price over time.

DAO, Charity and more!


10% of royalties every month will be appropriated by the DeerDAO as they see fit through a formal democratic voting process. 3% going towards the Rein Club team for ongoing development and hosting costs.


We will be dedicating 10% of our total mint sale straight to our community. This will fund events, raffles and giveaways for our Rein Club members.

The Rein Club team is also pledging an additional 10% of our total mint sale towards a charitable cause as voted on by you, our community.


Frequently asked questions


Q: What are your socials?
A: https://linktr.ee/reinclub

Q: What is it? A: We are a deflationary collection of 333 Reindeer living on the Solana blockchain. The majority of royalties will go towards the "Climate Change" wallet which will periodically sweep the floor of the lowest-priced Reindeer. Any Reindeer caught outside when "Global Warming" occurs will be destroyed and burned from the total supply. We put the community first and aim to bring out the best in the Solana NFT community this holiday season.

Q: When is mint?

A: The presale date is December 19th, 2021 which will be open to all who are whitelisted.
Public mint is stealth >:)


Q: What's the mint price?

A: 0.55 SOL


Q: What is the total supply?

A: 333 Reindeer


Q: What are the royalties set to?

A: Royalties are set to 33% The "Climate Change" wallet will collect 20% royalties for the only purpose of sweeping the floor and burning the supply. 10% will go towards nominated projects, charities, or funds, which will rotate on a monthly basis as voted on by the DAO. 3% will go towards the team for ongoing development and hosting costs.